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CITIES in 100 Words

We develop and manage consumer products, services and business plans in collaboration with inventors, content creators, manufactures, product companies and brands.  We co-invest to bring plans to life by providing a broad spectrum of experts, strategists and operators and the required resources and infrastructure to support our partners. 

We cover every aspect of the consumer product lifecycle, from go-to market marketing, product development and distribution strategies to operations, sales and lifecycle management plans. We share in the upside through either commission on sales, retainers, project work and in some cases shares or equity or a combination of all the above.

We are in an important moment in the history of the Market. The time to lead and create together, is now. —

The Machine

  • 80 experts
  • 9 business teams
  • Vendor of record status at all tier-one retailers
  • State of the art everything

Our Strategy

  • Vast resources
  • Depth of expertise
  • Cross-functional operations
  • Creative catalyst between consumers, retail and products

How We Fit In

  • Manufacturers
  • Technologies
  • Brands
  • Inventors
  • Consumers
  • The Market

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CITIES in 273 Seconds

So...why the name CITIES?