Tier 1 retailer asked for partnership in the conception and development of a high-profile program for their new Silicon Valley location. A fully differentiated 24’ x 20’ space near the front of the store was set aside. This program needed to have a strong PR story.


In the heart of the world’s innovation center (Silicon Valley) we announced a simple truth…innovation is not bound by geography. We designed museum-style displays featuring the best of crowd-funded tech. We celebrated the grassroots stories behind the product’s development, sharing the innovative ideas that became vibrant products due to the financial support of everyday people. Products were presented in LED-lit museum encasements with storyboards and product videos.

Signage, displays, videos, and copy all resonated a cohesive feel and voice. 


CITIES successfully collaborated with the retailer to develop a differentiated in store experience. The employees were trained in on how to showcase pioneering products. Signage mixed iconic innovators with contemporary vector patterns and a vibrant color pallet. 

The core of the PR story celebrated grassroots innovation and that many of our best ideas are developed outside Silicon Valley.  

This program is ongoing.