STREME SESSIONS: The Nature Of Creative Process

“True merit, like a river, the deeper it is, the less noise it makes.”

-Edward Wood

STREME Sessions are 3 hour collaborative workshops shaped to meet our pioneering consumer culture. They’re designed specifically to elevate the creative process. STREMES are aspirational, intelligent encounters rooted in what we at CITIES believe to be three trending truths:

ONE: There has been a significant shift in the consumer culture. Our relationship with institutions, brands, corporations and government has been disrupted. Our impulse to engage products and programs is flowing away from the amplified broadcast of traditional media and becoming a far more intimate and trusted process of peer-to-peer, crowdsourced discovery.

TWO: iWakening is a term we’ve authored at CITIES and it refers to the new activities and trends forming within our emerging peer-to-peer, digital-consumer culture. This hyper-connected movement is a spectacular blend of smart, ubiquitous technology and human evolution, a movement – like all movements before it, made richer and greater when virtue sits solidly alongside innovation and progress. iWakening is in part based on the belief that all of us look for an elusive and always compelling blend of solutions and authenticity, innovation and virtue. It’s this driving principal and philosophy that ultimately connects us to the largest audience.  And we feel strongly that it’s a prerequisite for leadership and success in new-world enterprise. Prosperity is always measured by it’s systemic effect within our global culture…in products, the Market and life.

THREE: We engage philanthropy with Hearts Wide Open… not only as an effort to “Give Back,” but as a vehicle (pathway) to study the very processes that are shaping the trending mindset of consumer culture. A modern enterprise can not afford to miss the opportunity to participate in this regard. As we develop business plans and invent product and solutions for the Market, the shift in consumer mindset is better understood once we view the behavior from a philanthropic perspective. By participating in global generosity we gain an authentic, scrappy, street-smart intelligence that bonds and inspires us as together we travel through this new season of retail.


CITIES Creative Strategy facilitates STREME Sessions in our offices and the offices of our partners. STREME Sessions are a common engagement point for new and evergreen partners as we seek the most elevated and, often, unexpected ideas that connects products and programs to the largest possible audience in the most relevant, sustainable way. 

Each STREME Session includes carefully selected participants who bring expertise from a range of backgrounds specific to the topic at hand. We gather around the idea that something uniquely relevant and important can be discovered at this particular moment in the evolution of the Market. The opportunity this discovery process provides is the chance to seek common human interests (virtues) that connect the largest possible audience to compelling ideas, products and programs. STREME Sessions are a combination of discipline and big thinking. They cut the ropes that tie us down to tired rituals and formulas that are no longer useful to understand the market. 

STREMES bridge the space between human virtue and enterprise, and their almost always a freakin’ blast.

STREME members are challenged to deliver at least 3 solutions; one BIG, one medium, and one easy. Often these sessions generate new IP and on-trend, business sustaining directions. Participants are carefully selected based upon their expertise, boldness and ability to collaborate in a highly aspirational and creative setting.

STREME Sessions are a valued practice…an adventurous journey…sports-rub for the imagination. We never know what will happen…but most of the time it does.

For a guided case-study…ring us.   

Paul Frantzich

Creative Lead