Whether you are a startup or an well-established company, CITIES has created and currently manages various custom retail programs. These are kick-ass collaborations and, by the way, are often coupled with tangible co-investments (tangible: ADJECTIVE, clear and definite, real).


Managing categories and business for top retailers through a model that reduces disparate moving parts to one point of contact financially and operationally, for maximum efficiency. Consolidating products and product sources for the often illusive win, win, win.

Path To Market:

Supporting retail in the pursuit of new business. When circumstances are right we collaborate with brands and manufactures to develop the most intelligent path to shelf. As a result CITIES has vendor of record status at all tier one retailers in the U.S. and this valued tool is available for partners who prefer an alternative to traditional distribution.

White Space Development:

There are certain things that never change at retail and white space is one of them. It’s openings in the Market that invite, even crave creative inspiration and business development. Here we partner with innovators and product companies to “fill in” the space between what we have and what we want. As a tier-one retailer shared recently, “We have hundreds of millions of dollars in white space opportunities and ideas are always welcome.” CITIES is working with innovators, brands and manufacturers to inspire and complete these stories.