We decided to go big. Proper infrastructure is a prerequisite to energize our space in the market and get the job done at tier-one retail. Surpassing expectations, not just meeting them, is required and it’s not easy. Our choice to field 20 plus professionals in the areas of finance, IT and analytics is a significant¬†part of the story as any at CITIES. It gives us the strength to fulfill our mission of Creative Commerce.

Operations & Finance

  • Distribution Strategy
  • Maximize Margins
  • Payment Management
  • Audit Negotiation and Reconciliation MDF and Chargeback Monitoring and Reporting
  • Logistics Support and Compliance Operations Problem Solving from Internal Experts

IT & Technology

  • Business Intelligence Reporting EDI (on-site)
  • ERP
  • Web API
  • Store Level Reporting
  • Infrastructure Redundancy
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Online Asset Sharing