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After 25 years in the Market, we know that companies search for help and check in on us for all sorts of reasons.  Many have a product, brand and plan for retail and are looking for the smartest way to put their best foot forward.  Others have an idea for expanding on their success or managing through challenging times. 

As you look through our site, you’ll see we have a company chock full of experts and resources.  We have experience and business in nearly every relevant category at tier-one retail.  And although we feel strongly that what we offer is compelling, how we work with partners is our best quality.

Whether you’re looking for support across a range of areas or need specific resources and expertise, with business teams ranging from Sales to Creative and Category Management to Digital Commerce, we’ve got it covered.

Whatever your reason for visiting us, we appreciate it and hope to meet you soon. 

We are constantly studying and analyzing at CITIES and we are always testing and exploring creative ways of doing things.

As many have written and all are witnessing, we are in an important moment in the history of the Market.  The eco-system supporting the development of ideas and products and the delivery of those ideas and products is changing with amazing speed.

The way we sell and consume is becoming more responsive to the omni-directional, peer to peer network that is available to every person on the planet with a connected device.  Consumers are now a bigger part of the story than ever before.  Now They are creating and They are authoring in real time.  We are witnessing stunning innovations across the entire consumer products eco-system.  The time to lead and create together, is now. 

There is an opportunity to embrace this moment through well designed partnerships and collaborations. It’s the perfect time to pool resources and energy and we are looking for great partners.  Whether you are a small start-up, brand or major product company,  we hope to see you soon.

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